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Miosal Liquid Sea Salt Seasoning Spray 140ml (4.73 FL OZ) - Less Salt, More Flavor!

Introducing Miosal, the revolutionary Liquid Sea Salt Seasoning Spray designed to elevate your culinary experience. This 140ml spray bottle contains approximately 700 sprays, offering a delightful solution to reduce your daily salt intake by 75% without compromising taste.


Key Features:

  • Less Salt, More Flavor: Miosal is your go-to solution for naturally reducing daily salt consumption by 75% while enhancing the flavor of your favorite dishes. Enjoy a healthier lifestyle without compromising on taste.
  • Total Salt Replacement: Use Miosal as a substitute for everyday table salt in hot and cold dishes. Whether you're seasoning a warm pasta dish or a refreshing salad, Miosal enhances the taste of every bite.
  • Natural Spray (No Gas): Miosal comes in a natural spray form without gas, ensuring a consistent and controlled application. Experience the convenience of precise seasoning without any artificial additives.
  • Crafted in Italy, Non-GMO Ingredients: Miosal is proudly produced in Italy, using non-GMO ingredients. This commitment to quality ensures that you're using a premium product that aligns with your culinary preferences.


Usage Suggestions:

  • Substitute your salt with Miosal in hot and cold dishes for a healthier and more flavorful option.
  • Use the spray to control and evenly distribute salt on your favorite meals.



  • Saline Solution (Water, 30% Italian Sea Salt)


Embrace a tastier and healthier lifestyle with Miosal Liquid Sea Salt Seasoning Spray. Redefine your approach to seasoning and savor every bite with less salt and more flavor. Elevate your culinary creations with Miosal – the perfect balance of taste and well-being. Buon Appetito!

Turci Firenze Mio Sal Liquid Sea Salt Seasoning Spray 140 ml - 4.73 FL OZ