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Turci Firenze Infused Italian White Truffle Spray 50ml (1.69 FL OZ) - Artufo Bianco Spray


Experience the luxurious essence of Italy's rarest treasure with Turci Firenze's Infused Italian White Truffle Spray. This 50ml bottle is a culinary masterpiece that directly brings the delicate aroma and robust flavor of the Tuber Magnatum, also known as white truffle, to your kitchen.


Key Features:

  • Italian Elegance in Every Spray: Elevate your dishes with the sophistication of Italian white truffle. The infusion process, meticulously crafted in Italy, preserves this rare culinary gem's distinct taste and unmistakable aroma.
  • Versatile Culinary Companion: Unleash the magic of white truffle on pasta, risottos, bruschettas, eggs, and omelets. Whether drizzled on warm or cold dishes, this spray enhances your creations' visual and gastronomic appeal.
  • Tradition Preserved: Thanks to traditional craftsmanship, Turci Firenze's infusion maintains the intense flavor profile and unmistakable scent of white truffle. It's the closest you can get to a fresh truffle without shaving or grating.
  • The Rarity of White Truffle: Tuber magnatum, the white truffle, stands as the most rare and prized truffle species. Turci Firenze brings this rarity to your kitchen, allowing you to indulge in its exquisite taste.
  • Simple and Elegant Ingredients: With 51% White Truffle Infusion (Tuber Magnatum), sunflower seed oil, and aromas, this infusion is a symphony of simplicity and elegance. It's free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), ensuring a pure and natural culinary experience.



  • Size: 50ml (1.69 FL OZ)


Usage Suggestions:

  • Ideal for pasta, risottos, bruschettas, eggs, and omelets.
  • Perfect for both tableside drizzling and in-cooking applications.


Indulge in the finest white truffle experience with Turci Firenze's Infused Italian White Truffle Spray. Packed with flavor, rarity, and elegance, it's the secret weapon for transforming your everyday meals into extraordinary culinary delights. Buon Appetito!

Turci Firenze Cuore di Tart Infused Italian WhiteTruffle Spray 50ml - 1.69 FL OZ

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