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Turci Firenze Cuore di Cannella Spray Essence 50ml (1.69 FL OZ) - Naturally Extracted Cinnamon Essence


Envelop your senses in the warm embrace of Turci Firenze's Cuore di Cannella Spray. This 50ml bottle captures the rich and aromatic essence of cinnamon, extracted naturally.


Key Features:

  • Naturally Extracted Warmth: Indulge in the authentic taste of freshly harvested cinnamon, extracted through a natural process. The result is a comforting and aromatic essence that adds a touch of warmth to your cappuccino, apple pie, tea, biscuits, and cocktails.
  • Preservative-Free, Gas-Free, Non-GMO: Cuore di Cannella is crafted with purity in mind. It contains no preservatives no added gases and is free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), ensuring a natural and unadulterated cinnamon experience.
  • Versatile Aromatic Infusion: Elevate your favorite beverages and treats with cinnamon flavor. From enhancing the aroma of your cappuccino to adding depth to desserts like apple pie and cookies, Cuore di Cannella brings the essence of this beloved spice to your creations.

Usage Suggestions:

  • Perfect for enhancing the flavor and aroma of cappuccino, apple pie, tea, biscuits, and cocktails.
  • Suitable for both tableside drizzling and in-cooking applications.


  • Natural cinnamon extract

Embrace the comforting and aromatic essence of Cuore di Cannella in your kitchen. Let the rich flavor of cinnamon add a touch of warmth to your favorite treats and beverages. Turci Firenze brings you the essence of tradition in every drop. Spice up your creations with Cuore di Cannella! Buon Appetito!

Turci Firenze Cuore di Cannella - Cinnamon Spray Essence 50 ml - 1.69 FL OZ