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Experience the Unparalleled Luxury of La Bufalat's Burro di Bufala (8.82 oz) - Pure Italian Buffalo Butter

From the lush pastures of Italy directly to your table, La Bufalat's Burro di Bufala offers an authentic taste of Italian craftsmanship in every ounce. Made with the richest buffalo milk, our buffalo butter boasts a velvety texture and a subtly tangy flavor that enhances any dish. Weighing in at 250g (8.82 oz), each package is a promise of quality and purity.


Ideal for those who appreciate the finer things in life, this butter is perfect for a variety of culinary applications. Spread it over warm, crusty bread, use it to sauté vegetables, or melt it into risottos and sauces for a boost of creamy richness. Its high melting point makes it superb for baking, lending a moist texture and rich flavor to cakes and pastries.


La Bufalat is committed to sustainable farming and traditional processing methods, ensuring that every batch of our buffalo butter is not only superior in taste but also produced with the utmost respect for the environment and animal welfare.


Elevate your cooking with La Bufalat's Burro di Bufala and bring a touch of Italian luxury to everyday meals.

La Bufalat Buffalo Butter 250g - 8.82

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