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Experience the pinnacle of Sicilian gastronomy with SAALGA Bella Sicilia EVOO IGP 1L. Immerse yourself in a journey that encapsulates Sicily's esteemed olive-growing tradition, meticulously crafted from indigenous olives Nocellara del Belice and Biancolilla. Every drop of SAALGA Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP Bella Sicilia reflects our dedication to authenticity.


Crafted through cold-extraction and unfiltered processes, this oil preserves the olives' vibrant character and natural flavors, promising an unparalleled culinary adventure with each use. Sourced exclusively from olives harvested under the sun-soaked skies of Trapani and Palermo, SAALGA IGP BELLA SICILIA Extra Virgin Olive Oil captures the essence of Sicilian terroir.


Timing is crucial to achieving peak flavor. Harvested between 10 October and 20 November, the olives swiftly transform into liquid gold within hours. Meticulous manual harvesting techniques ensure utmost care, with the oil extracted within eight hours to preserve maximum freshness. Stored in stainless steel tanks under nitrogen saturation and housed in temperature-controlled chambers, the oil's quality remains pristine.


SAALGA IGP SICILIA Extra Virgin Olive Oil transcends mere condiment status; it is a culinary masterpiece. Elevate seafood and meat dishes to new heights as the oil intricately infuses its flavors into every bite. Enhance the subtleties of your culinary creations, whether grilling a delicate fish fillet or savoring a succulent cut of meat.


Volcanic Richness, Unmatched Flavor: Our olives flourish in nutrient-rich volcanic soil, imparting depth and complexity to Bella Sicilia Extra Virgin Olive Oil, elevating every dish.


Cold-Pressed Excellence: Crafted with unwavering commitment, Bella Sicilia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is meticulously cold-pressed to preserve the olives' natural richness. It delivers a silky texture and a harmonious balance of flavors.


A Toast to Health: Beyond exquisite taste, Bella Sicilia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a testament to well-being, abundant in antioxidants and healthy monounsaturated fats, supporting heart health and vitality.


Mediterranean Essence in a Bottle: Embrace the vitality of the Mediterranean diet with every drizzle, providing a nourishing foundation for your culinary creations.


From Our Family to Yours: At Bella Sicilia, we believe in nurturing the most precious flavors. Our family tends to the olives with love, ensuring each bottle carries the legacy of generations and our Sicilian heritage.


Unlock Versatility: Elevate your cooking from ordinary to extraordinary. Bella Sicilia Extra Virgin Olive Oil enhances salads, marinades, sautés, and dips with a vibrant Mediterranean touch.


Honoring Tradition: With Bella Sicilia Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you pay homage to the traditions of a region renowned for its wholesome ingredients and time-honored recipes.


Explore the Flavor: Awaken your senses to Sicilian magic with Bella Sicilia Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Adopt a healthier lifestyle and become part of a culinary legacy that celebrates nature's beauty and the joy of sharing exceptional food.


Elevate your table, honor your health, and celebrate life with Bella Sicilia Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Bella Sicilia EVOO IGP 1L

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