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Discover the Rich Flavor of Matese: Authentic Italian Porcini Mushrooms Delivered to Your Door

Indulge in the unparalleled taste of our small-cap, whole Porcini mushrooms, freshly frozen and imported directly from the lush landscapes of Matese, Italy. Perfect for gourmet dishes, these mushrooms bring a piece of Italian culinary excellence to your kitchen.


Why choose our Porcini mushrooms?

  • Authenticity: Each 300g pack is filled with the finest mushrooms, chosen for their quality and flavor.
  • Premium Quality: Frozen at peak freshness to preserve their natural aroma and nutrients.
  • No Freezer Burn: Notice ice crystals? That's just a sign of their high water content and freshness, not freezer burn.


Experience gourmet Italian cuisine at home for just $12.00 per pack. Enhance your dishes with the true taste of Italy. Order now and savor the rich, earthy flavors of Matese Porcini mushrooms!

Authentic Italian Porcini Mushrooms Form Matese 300g - 10.52oz

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