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🌾 Experience Culinary Excellence with Riso Scotti Ribe Rice!

Indulge in fine dining with Riso Scotti Ribe Rice, named after the visionary Rinaldo Bersani, who first selected this distinctive rice variety. Characterized by slender, crystalline grains that remain perfectly separate after cooking, Ribe Rice is a culinary gem, offering versatility and a delightful texture to elevate your dishes.


What Makes Ribe Rice Special:

🍚 Versatile Culinary Marvel: Ribe Rice is a versatile ingredient for creative culinary endeavors, making it an ideal choice for various dishes.


⏰ Quick and Easy Cooking: In just 14-15 minutes, you can enjoy the perfect al dente texture of Ribe Rice, providing convenience without compromising quality.


Cooking Tips:

🍲 Elaborate Creations or Comforting Soups: Whether crafting intricate dishes or preparing comforting soups and stews, Ribe Rice adds a touch of excellence to your culinary creations.


Live Well with Flavor:

Derived from easily digestible carbohydrates and noble proteins and free from allergens, Ribe Rice offers a delicious taste and contributes to overall well-being. A nutritionist's recommendation emphasizes the quick digestion and immediate energy conversion of Ribe Rice.


  • Fine Ribe Rice


  • None Present

Shelf Life:

Enjoy the premium quality of Riso Scotti Ribe Rice for up to 26 months from the packaging date.


Nutritional Information:

Refer to the nutritional table for a detailed breakdown of the wholesome goodness packed in every grain.


Elevate your culinary experience with Riso Scotti Ribe Rice – where tradition, versatility, and well-being come together in each delightful grain!


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Riso Scotti 1kg - 2.2lbs

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