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Introducing our Panettone with Passito Wine Flavor and Raisins - 1kg (2.2lb):


Discover the Essence of Foiano di Valfortore:

Nestled not far from Benevento, in southern Italy, lies the quaint town of Foiano di Valfortore, rich in ancient history and traditions. The land has witnessed a tapestry of civilizations from the Greeks to the Romans and through the Byzantine and Lombard occupations. In the heart of this historical tapestry, our story begins.


A Legacy of Tradition and Culinary Excellence:

In the charming town of Foiano di Valfortore, history and a culinary legacy are preserved. From the ruins of a monastery that once graced the land, a family home has become the hub of a passionate workshop, where traditions are kept alive and culinary delights are crafted.


The Forno Cinquesensi: Where Tradition Meets Taste:

At the center of Foiano di Valfortore stands the Forno Cinquesensi, a wood-fired oven that breathes life into Benevento's traditional bread and sweet delights. The workshop, once a family home, is now where time-honored recipes come to life daily.


Selected Ingredients, Crafted with Care:

Meet Marcello, Donato, Lina, and Donatella – the heart and soul of Forno Cinquesensi. They personally select the finest ingredients for every creation. Only producers committed to traceability and the highest quality meet their standards, adhering to European and national regulations.


Panettone with Passito Wine Flavor and Raisins:

🎄 A Festive Delight: Panettone Cinque Sensi with Passito Wine Flavor and Raisins celebrates tradition and festivity. Baked to perfection, this 1kg delight embodies the spirit of the season, offering a taste of Benevento's culinary excellence.


🍇 Rich Flavor Harmony: The passito wine flavor and plump raisins are carefully combined to create a symphony of flavors that transport you to the sun-kissed hills of Foiano di Valfortore.


Our Guiding Values: Quality, Honesty, and Love for the Territory:

Every product from Forno Cinquesensi is a testament to the values guiding Marcello and Donato. Quality ingredients, honesty with consumers, and a deep love for the territory shape each creation.


Enjoy the Artistry:

At Mediterraneo Foods, we invite you to savor the Panettone with Passito Wine Flavor and Raisins, where every bite is a journey through time, tradition, and the genuine flavors of Foiano di Valfortore. Order now and experience the magic of Forno Cinquesensi delivered to your door.

Panettone with Passito Wine Flavor and Raisins 1kg - 2.2lb.