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Pastina Bebiriso by Plasmon is perfect for your baby's weaning journey. This tiny pastina pieces are specially designed for infants transitioning to solid foods. It cooks in only six minutes and is  with 100% Italian rice flour enriched with vitamin B6. With its petite and delicate size, Pastina Bebiriso allows for gradually introducing new flavors into your baby's diet.


Crafted with high-quality Italian ingredients and the utmost care from Plasmon, this patina is gentle on your baby's delicate digestive system while providing essential nourishment during this critical development phase. Pastina Bebiriso by Plasmon ensures your baby gets off to the best possible start on their culinary adventure.


Offer your little one a variety of delicious and nutritious flavors with Pastina Bebiriso by Plasmon.

La Pastina Bebiriso 300g - 10.58oz

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