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Unveil the epitome of chocolate sophistication with the Baci Perugina Tube Box, a luxurious 143g (5.04oz) ensemble inviting you to savor love and indulgence. Encased in this elegantly designed tube, Baci Perugina presents a carefully curated selection of chocolates, each a delightful combination of rich dark chocolate, a whole hazelnut, and a hidden love note.


As you open the lid, you'll be greeted by the alluring aroma of premium dark chocolate, setting the stage for a sensory journey that transcends ordinary confectionery. The Baci Perugina Tube Box is not just a collection of chocolates; it's an experience, a moment of sheer pleasure that captivates the senses and warms the heart.


Present this 143g masterpiece as a token of affection, a gift that speaks volumes without uttering a word. Whether it's a celebration of love, a gesture of gratitude, or a personal indulgence, the Baci Perugina Tube Box promises to turn every occasion into a memorable experience.


Elevate your chocolate moments with the Baci Perugina Tube Box – where the velvety allure of dark chocolate meets the satisfying crunch of hazelnuts, creating a symphony of flavors that defines true indulgence. Open the tube, share the joy, and let Baci Perugina weave its magic into the tapestry of your sweetest moments.

Baci Perugina Tube Box 143g (5.04oz)

$9.99 Regular Price
$8.49Sale Price