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Capture the essence of love in a delightful package with the Baci Perugina Heart-Shaped Box, a 100g (3.52oz) masterpiece designed to ignite the flames of affection. This enchanting box of Baci Perugina is not just a collection of chocolates; it's a symbol of romance, a testament to the sweet moments shared between two hearts.


Gently crafted in the shape of a heart, this box unveils a world of emotions as it opens. Discover a selection of Baci Perugina chocolates within its confines – a blend of velvety dark chocolate, crunchy hazelnuts, and a hidden message of love. Each bite is a journey into the realm of passion and sweetness, a perfect reflection of the sentiments you wish to convey.


Present this 100g treasure on Valentine's Day, and watch as the Baci Perugina Heart-Shaped Box transforms a simple gesture into a profound expression of love. Share a taste of indulgence and create lasting memories with the one who has a special place in your heart.


Let the magic of Baci Perugina enchant your moments of togetherness, making this Valentine's Day an occasion to savor. Celebrate love with the Baci Perugina Heart-Shaped Box – where the richness of chocolate meets the warmth of heartfelt affection, creating a symphony of delight that resonates long after the chocolates are enjoyed.

Baci Perugina Heart Shaped Box 100g (3.52oz)

$9.99 Regular Price
$8.49Sale Price